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  • Eastern part
    Live Majorca
  • Enjoy Majorca's best coves and beaches

    The country hotel Cases de Son Barbassa is beautifully located on a hillside of the mountains by Artà, with views of the coast of Cala Mesquida, Cala Agulla and Cala Ratjada and the village Capdepera with the magnificent medieval castle.
    On the same land of this amazing Majorcan romantic hotel there are the remains of the about 3,000 year old talayotic settlement of Son Barbassa; the place offers excellent panoramic views of the coast and the vicinity of the Natural Park Llevant of Majorca and the township Capdepera. On clear days you can see the sister island Minorca.

We recommend you to visit the village and some of the best beaches in the area
  • Capdepera
    A village with history

    A mountain village with a great historical tradition. Located in the Eastern part of Majorca, close to Cala Ratjada. Capdepera's beauty lies in its ancient walls. A fortress village which has grown with the years. A Majorcan beauty you mustn't miss. In Capdepera you may enjoy the street market on Wednesday and also visit the "Castell de Capdepera" (castle), one of the main tourist attractions of the place.

  • Cala Mesquida
    Area of peace and comfort

    Cala Mesquida is characterised by its beach between pine trees and sand dunes, at about 7 kilometres from the village Capdepera. Since 1991 Cala Mesquida has been considered as an "area of special interest" of Majorca. The beach is about 350 metres long; famous for its fine sand and clear waters. The same as at the other beaches of the Eastern part of the island, there often rises wind creating surf, ideal for water sports enthusiasts.

  • Cala Ratjada
    A fishing port

    Cala Ratjada is considered the second most important fishing port of the island of Majorca. It belongs to the township of Capdepera and, due to a great hotel and leisure offer, it makes a perfect holiday destination for families with children. Cala Ratjada offers some coves of outstanding beauty, as: Cala Gat, Sa Pedruscada or Son Moll. Walking just 15 minutes in either direction you reach Cala Agulla or Font de Sa Cala.

  • Cala Agulla
    A natural environment

    In 1991 Cala Agulla was declared a place of special interest of Majorca. The beach is at just two kilometres from the medieval village Capdepera at the East coast of Majorca. A scenery surrounded by pine trees, rocky areas and natural sand dunes. That beach of fine white sand and crystal-clear water is 525 metres long. On windy days, the surf there is perfect for water sports.

  • Artà
    A traditional village

    The village Artà is the epitome of preserving traditions as well as the changes due to tourism in recent times. A classic village of a great beauty due to its privileged embedding in the mountain scenery. The main tourist attractions of the place are the sanctuary Sant Salvador and the near beaches on the East coast of Majorca, considered by many Majorcans as the most beautiful and paradisiac beaches and coves on the island.